K5 Estimating services


The place where you get quality construction estimates and affordability under one roof.

Our estimators has a broad range of experience for estimating in the multiple construction activities for residential, commercial and industrial building for sub-contractors, general contractors estate owners, developers and financiers and they pride themselves on providing quality services. We provide unsurpassed professional estimating and takeoff services as well as cost validation, expert witness services and more. Our skilled team uses the latest software to provide the most accurate costs estimates.

 Our clients enjoy the fastest turnaround time in the industry at fees that are extremely competitive. We are a team of specialized individuals with different skill sets, focused on providing our clients with the latest construction estimations innovations. We know that every single job is different from other and things cannot fits in a single template so we pay attention to client’s need and frame the estimates that suits their needs and worth their money spent on us. Our name and performance tells it all. You can trust that when working with us, we will do what we say and we will keep sensitive information confidential.

We have a proven track record of delivering the right material estimates to our valuable clients for every construction trade within the fastest turnaround time.